Andrew Selinger


“The process of rendering an HDR photo is highly interpretive, there’s no hiding that. Why would I want to render my photos? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of photos? I have always taken photos. I would often find myself frustrated after attempting to capture a place on a regular single exposure camera. What my eyes saw as processed in my brain was not sufficiently represented through a single shot on a camera. How our mind interprets what we see and how it stores it deep within our memory is a powerful and complicated process. These images in our head are heightened by emotions and feelings experienced at that certain point in time. An HDR image, through various processes, allows the photographer to render the photo recreating place and time not only visually but also by adding a dimension of emotions and feeling. The best photographs are those that appeal to all of our senses. I find HDR is the best medium to achieve what I both see and feel in the world.”

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  • Digital Photography


  • HDR
  • Architecture
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp
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